Scanning for nesting golden eagle pairs in Scotland's Cairngorms National Park.

Scanning for nesting golden eagle pairs in Scotland's Cairngorms National Park.

Jason Fitzgibbon is a self-taught photographer,  professional wildlife biologist, and environmental consultant based out of Orange County in coastal Southern California. As a wildlife biologist, his work often involves surveying for threatened and endangered plant and animal species, and ensuring their protection under the purview of state and federal laws. Often his career takes him to wild and beautiful places, many of which he attempts to share with the world through photography on his Facebook and Instagram accounts; mainly in hopes of inspiring others to cherish and protect the wild places that they enjoy in their area.

Aside from work, Jason spends the fair share of his free time mountain biking, surfing, bouldering,  backpacking, and fly fishing throughout the few remaining expanses of southern California's natural areas. His adventures in his crowded homeland often lead him to novel and interesting places, many of which remain completely unknown, even to seasoned southern California veterans. 

Jason prides himself not only on being willing to put forth valiant efforts to explore the natural landscapes around him, but also those in distant countries and continents. Regularly his travels involve multi-day expeditions, with hiking mileage into the triple digits, such that he can uncover and share the raw, untrammeled, natural beauty of foreign wilderness through his nature and landscape-oriented photography.

Through social media platforms, Jason's work is observed and enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. As a result, he has established many relationships (and continues to seek out more) among those in the outdoor and lifestyle industries that wish to promote their product through adventure-oriented photography. If you wish to partner with Jason, please feel free to contact him here.